We Innovate Education
with Technology
and Tradition.

We Innovate Education
with Technology
and Tradition.

About School

About Osaka Christian College
  • The governing body of our school originated in the historic Christian faith and has a history of more than 110 years .
  • Our department of Early Childhood Education has been receiving high and deep trust among the educational society for nourishing the competence in training kindergarten and nursery school teachers. The local community in the heart of Osaka and broader society in our vicinity are looking at us as a highly reputable school with our talented graduates working in and contributing to various fields.
  • We are passionate about education and digital capability to empower individuals & organizations.
  • We are newly introducing an EdTech course, Preparatory Japanese Language Course, and Nursing Care Course in order to empower our students to actively pursue the advanced digital transformations.
Our Visions, Goals are…
  • To become Japan’s No. 1 university in research and educator training in early childhood education.
  • To create a society where every child as access to quality education provided by excellent educators.
  • To cultivate people who can contribute to the enhancement of culture and the welfare of humankind from a global perspective.
  • To fulfill our responsibility as a frontier leader in managing educational institutions from kindergartens and nursery schools to higher education by actively utilizing our domestic and international networks.
  • To solve society’s most complex challenges by applying the tools of innovation.
  • To enable our students and faculty members to become digital citizens confident in using technology safely, collaboratively, and constructively to learn, live, and work in a global society.
Our Strategies.
Teaching and Learning, Research, and Social Responsibilities.

Teaching and Learning

  • Emphasize practical training and study by utilizing the latest technology.


  • Conduct science-based analysis and the latest technological research to improve the quality of education.
  • To further the quality of our research, we will attract the best people, engage with global challenges, encourage and enable collaborations, and provide an environment where great ideas are born and abound.

Social Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the greater societal benefit through innovative education and enhanced more significant involvement.
  • Value global connections and use digital solutions with a human mindset.
  • To develop human resources in ICT and the healthcare field.
Establishing an “EdTech Research Institution ”
  • There is a growing demand for technology and human resource development in education. To respond to this trend, we have launched an EdTech research institute directly under our school corporation this Spring. In addition, it will serve as a preparatory organization for establishing an “EdTech professional graduate school.”
  • Establishing the “EdTech Research Institution” is integral to our goal of “Innovating education with technology and tradition” and will significantly impact our future decisions.

Our campus is in the middle of Osaka City, perfect for studying,
making friends worldwide, sightseeing, and part-time job experience.

Osaka is renowned for having friendly people.
Many international students enjoy living here because they are overwhelmed by the amount of support shown to them by local residents.
Osaka has a reasonable cost of living compared to other major cities like Tokyo and Yokohama.

OCC is centrally located in the Kansai region, which means you‘re close to just about everything.
Kyoto and Nara, rich in cultural heritage, are within an hour’s train ride.

Messages from
our leaders

We are committed to creating a university community that respects the human rights and freedoms of students, faculty, and staff from around the world and respect each other's differences.

Chairperson of the Board of Trustees


OCC is the fastest path to acquiring licenses and qualifications for the career you seek.



OCC's programs will help open doors to your ICT-related profession and help you pursue various career options. Start preparing for a productive career with us!

Vice President


"Life is short, art is long."
~ Hippocrates.
Let us walk the path of art together and bring about reform in education not only in Japan but in the world.



We are taking on the challenge of creating a Doraemon for the education industry.

Associate Professor



Early Childhood Education Course (Associate Degree)

We prepare, nurture, and support early childhood educators. In addition, we work with local and international early childhood educators and researchers in various professional, community, and academic activities.

Class examples:

  • Foundations of Early Childhood
  • Introductory Practicum
  • Child Development
  • Early Language & Literacy
  • Creativity and the Arts in Education
  • Early Child Care and Education
  • Music, Movement, and Dramatic Arts
  • Infant & Toddler Development
  • History, Philosophy, and Early Childhood Education
  • Health and Physical Education in Early Childhood
  • Psychology of Child and Family Support
EdTech Course (Associate Degree)

The mission of our EdTech Course is to prepare learners to use digital tools to evaluate and improve methods of delivering instruction and assessing learning. The program aims to advance the effective use of educational technology, promoting a technology-enhanced curriculum with a pragmatic approach.

Class examples:

  • Introduction to EdTech
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Sociology
  • Foundations of Sustainable Development
  • Learning Data and Analytics
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Digital Art and Design
  • Digital Transformation in Education
  • Gamification in Education
  • System Security

DX Global Class for both International and Japanese Students(Associate Degree)

  • Curriculum to Pass a National Certification of Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (FE)
  • You will deepen your knowledge of ICT and DX to acquire the Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (FE), a national certification for information processing.
  • OCC provides a practical approach and technology-based curriculum to develop advanced ICT experts with initiative, communication skills, and a global perspective.
  • You will be awarded an “associate degree” upon graduation.
Nursing Care Course (For International Students)

As the number of elderly in Japan is rapidly increasing during the shortage of care workers is becoming an issue, OCC will open a new course dedicated to international students to train care workers. This course aims to develop human resources who can play an active role in the field of care welfare in Japan by acquiring not only nursing care skills and knowledge but also communication skills in Japanese.

Unique Futures of our Nursing Care Program

  • You can acquire practical conversation skills through a communication-oriented Japanese class. You can also hone your communication skills through interaction with Japanese students on campus and with people living in the local community.
  • You can receive lectures and practical training from experts in the Nursing Care field.
  • OCC provides part-time placement services.
    You can study Japanese while working.
Preparatory Japanese Language Course(For International Students)
  • To provide preparatory education for international students who wish to enroll in Osaka Christian College by offering Japanese language education and other necessary classes such as Japanese culture and affairs. (2-year Course and 1.5-year Course are available.)
  • In addition, students will acquire advanced Japanese language skills, such as writing reports and discussions needed for studying at Osaka Christian College. They will become globally active human resources through international exchange. 
  • Guided by excellent Japanese language instructors on a well-equipped university campus. Our school environment is designed to allow you to take classes in a relaxed atmosphere and to improve your Japanese language skills.
  • After completing this program, you will study at the same campus to obtain qualifications that will lead to employment.
  • OCC supports students in applying for admission to employment so that they can concentrate on their studies.

Student Life

Financial Support Programs
  • OCC offers various financial support programs to help international students advance to higher education with fewer expenses. For more details, you can refer to our admission guide.
Off-Campus Dormitory
  • We provide an off-Campus dormitory for all international students.
  • Conveniently located near our campus.
  • All dormitories have kitchen appliances, furniture, and the Internet. So you can start enjoying life in Japan right after you arrive.
  • Our student-friendly priced accommodation is reserved for all international students.
    Rent ¥25,000/ Month
Part-time job placement Services
  • We offer free part-time job placement services to international students. Part-time job experience will allow you to learn about Japanese society and acquire practical Japanese language skills. In addition, for students in the Nursing and Welfare Course, we introduce part-time jobs at nursing and welfare facilities.
  • Permitted working hours for international students: 28 hours per week at maximum—up to 8 hours per day during extended school vacations.
International Center

For Prospective Students, we appreciate your interest in our programs! Finding the right study option for your needs can be difficult, but that’s where we come in. We are here to answer your questions.

International Center
Osaka Christian College
1-3-61 Maruyamadori, Osaka City Abeno Ward,
Osaka 545-0042 JAPAN
TEL: +81-(0)6-4398-6030
FAX: +81-(0)6-4398-6031
E-mail: ryugakusei@occ.ac.jp